The Rendering Killer / Reality VS Twinmotion 2

New video about Twinmotion 2 – The Rendering Killer! A soon to be released visualization solution that aims to make traditional rendering for architectural visualization obsolete. To help you all understand what it is all about prior to launch, the Twinmotion team made some teaser videos about the main aspects of the software. Here is the final video prior to release, and the most impressive one so far. They show real life places and their virtual counterparts rendered with Twinmotion 2. While mostly focusing on small areas and not showing the places at full all the time, it is very resembling and not looking like game engine output as previously mentioned. Enjoy.

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  1. Ross
    Ross says:

    Impressive – most impressive.

    I just hope that the twinmotion animation shown isn’t tweeked to kingdom come and that kind of quality is easy to reach.

  2. Hussein
    Hussein says:

    OMG the animation mixing is fantastic and the rendering detail is real as the real one 😉 but i felt some difference in color degree (the red one) and to be honest the rendering time is unbelievable !!!!

  3. Isaac Luna
    Isaac Luna says:

    I think this program is definitely taking architecture visualization in the right direction, although I’m not sure how effective it actually does everything it proposes. As you commented in one of the earlier posts related to this, it is transforming rendering from a mere presentation tool used at the end of the design phase to an actual design exploration tool. I was actually able to do this to some extent on the last project I worked on while interning last summer and I think being able to see nicely rendered images during the design process really helped make decisions more than a simple viewport view of the design. I think the only reason we didn’t use it more during design was because of the time it takes to render an image. However I really don’t think this will be an issue with all the new GPU based software coming out such as Iray and Vray RT.

    The latest images and video from Twinmotion 2 really look promising as they do not look like a video game engine. I wish they would post more information as I’m a bit skeptical that you can get that kind of quality using a “standard pc running on windows with a recent gaming card”. If it is true and you can render that video in only twelve minutes on a decent computer, I think this program will revolutionize the industry. I think it would then make sense even in small architecture offices to have someone dedicated to their visualization in house. Rendering would definitely become a part of the design process, in a sense it would almost disappear as I can see it being fluidly integrated into the modeling process, imagine the viewport always showing a photorealistic image. It wouldn’t completely disappear of course because you still need someone with artistic vision to evoke emotion with the images. This would also save the industry from getting “outsourced to China” as for most architects it wouldn’t make sense to outsource their design team. As a professional in the field, how do you think programs such as these will ultimately affect the architecture visualization industry? Do you think the ease and speed with which visuals will be created will have a negative impact?

  4. Ross
    Ross says:

    “We’d also like to thank the people and businesses that helped, supported, advised or encouraged us throughout the development of Twinmotion: Aéroports de Paris, Atelier d’architecture Chaix & Morel, Atelier Jean Nouvel, Peter Cook, Eric Owen Moss, Peter Eisenmann, Philippe Chiambaretta Architectes, JCDecaux, Zaha Hadid Architects, Renzo Piano Building Workshop, Bernard Viry, Han Tümertekin, Tabanlioglu Architects, Odile Decq and the Ecole Spécial d’Architecture, thank you again.”

    I find this very interesting…some big namedrops there…I was under the impression that Hadid was still using Felix?

  5. San
    San says:

    No.. This software is not good at all or as advertised.. I have used the trial and I can say that it is very very slow.. Render results at best quality looks like a video game output.. If you dont trust me go to their website and check the tutorials.. you will guess the output quality from there..

    Price is above $2000 USD.. thats a joke..

    Navigation is so bad that it makes me hate this software..

  6. Tom
    Tom says:

    San, what hardware you are using? (graphic card esp.)?
    2. Did you achieved anything similar with output to file (rays nice ambient lighting, HDR …and all the effects ) at least somehow close to what they present ?

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