The Rendering Killer / Conception

New video about Twinmotion 2 – The Rendering Killer! A soon to be released visualization solution that aims to make traditional rendering for architectural visualization obsolete. To help you all understand what it is all about prior to launch, the Twinmotion team made some teaser videos about the main aspects of the software. Here is video three – Conception, showing some real time modeling capabilities. Enjoy.

  • jon

    I think you mean obsolete instead of absolute?!

  • Razorx3d


    I’ve seen the teaser. it is a nice try, but the results are not exactly photorealistic. I wouldn’t use this as final presentetion, only for previews… if they continue the development then they will be able to reach photorealistic results.

    P.S. Mr Ronen, I love your Blog.

    Great Work.

  • Two first teasers were promising. But for interiors, IMO, it looks like a classical real time engine, not so realistic…

    • I feel it is rather good actually… but I must know how much “extra” work was made here other then just pure output from Twinmotion 2.