‘The Museum’ / Lumion Challenge Finalists

‘The Museum’ / Lumion 3D Animation Challenge has ended recently and I am very proud to present the results of the finalists of this special Architectural Visualization Challenge dedicated specifically to the use of the Realtime 3D Visualization Design & Presentation Tool – Lumion, featuring the Neue National Gallery. I enjoyed this event very much, even more so due to the introduction of animation to the mix with the help of Lumion. Go ahead and have a closer look at the submitted animations as the Jury finalizes the decision-making process.

The finalists (in no particular order)

Below is the list of all the qualifying finalists with links to their forum threads so you can visit and follow all their progress from start to finish. On the right side you can see what major software each one used in the process of creating their images, other than Lumion.

  • 3dsmax, PS
  • AE
  • SketchUP, C4D, PS
  • AE
  • 3dsmax, PS, AE
  • ArchiCAD, SketchUP, FinalCUT
  • 3dsmax, AE, PS, CrazyBump

Here are the finalists animations…