‘The House’ by Alex York

A companion set of images to the making-of ‘The House’ article by Alex York. You will find here the full set of still images and the video too. Unlike the latest, and now annoying, trend of jazzing everything up with animating the scene buildup, adding light streaks, paths and other motion graphics to the mix… This is one of the better Architectural Explanatory Animation I’ve seen for a long time. Nothing fancy about the camera movements and yet it’s not the boring walk-through too. This animation was intended to allow the Client to understand the house in great detail and also the relations between the various spaces – the circulation among them.

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Making of HOVER ‘3D Grid’ by Jamie Holmes

The 4th runner-up winning entry of the HOVER architectural visualization challenge was not the typical thing one would see in such events. Jamie went all out with his concept and I’m very happy to publish the making of his “3D Grid Suburb” scene. In this tutorial, Jamie describes his workflow using 3D Studio Max and Mental Ray as his main tools. I hope you’ll enjoy this article, learn from it and share your thoughts by commenting at the bottom of this tutorial page.

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Six Tuts on Light and Shade with Maya / Mental Ray by Florian Wild

I found this six part interior 3d lighting tutorial a few days ago by Florian Wild. I’m not a Maya or Mental Ray user but there is a lot to learn from this great resource, that can be implemented in any other package, even if two years old! There is also the story behind the writing of these tutorials and how it came to be if you have the patience to follow the CGTalk thread… Have fun!

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