Studio: Realfeel

Designer / Architect: FJMT

Client: University of Technology Sydney

Personal / Commissioned: Commissioned Project

Location: Sydney, Australia N/A

Last year the University of Technology Sydney engaged me to create a 3 minute animation for them to show off of the new UTS Central building currently under construction. The aim was to focus on 4 key areas:
1) The exterior of the building in context with the rest of the campus masterplan
2) The main interior student lobby
3) The magnificent library reading room
4) The new basement “Superlab”.

Already having many of the master-plan assets from previous animations completed for UTS, I still had to change many areas, including the Alumni Green space to be accurate to what had been built.

I completed the full animation in about 3 months. The only help I had was in modelling some custom furniture and some custom scripting. Rendering was outsourced to GarageFarm on the cloud.

The interior still images of the library were offered to the client free of charge, as a gesture of good will. They required considerable work but I had spare time and the building was so nice, I wanted to show it off.

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