Hillside Privat Garden

This garden is basically in a forest, located on an escarpment wich is a big challenge to work on. I created some resting places and an outdoor dining place among many trees.
I was focused on nighttime images too to practice artificial light settings in V-Ray.


An artist’s impression for Kohl Balustrade’s apartment project in Australia. The reference building/photo was given by the client and was based from their actual project. We modeled, copied the building and applied the specifications for their balustrade design.
From there, I developed 2 impressions that will showcase the application of their product. A street scene for a portrait comp and a front close-up perspective to show some interiors.

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Inside the white

Hey Guys, these images are an attempt to reproduce the photographs that we appreciate a lot. Images are inspired by Scandinavian spaces
We hope you enjoy it 🙂
Level Archiviz team!

Tree house

Hi guys!
We’ve realized these images for pure personal enjoyment!
Who has not ever dreamed to have a tree house??
So we imagined to see an abandoned treehouse, walking through a forest…
We really hope you enjoy our work 😉
Level Archiviz team

Restaurant “Café Torino”

The challenge with this restaurant was to recreate the warmth of the materials. As you can appreciate, the one that predominates is the wood, for which it was needed some physical samples obtained with carpenters of the project. They developed a total of seven different textures, which they varied in hue and finish.

As you can observe, most of the materials are natural like the leather on the chairs, the marble on top of the counters, the lamps are made of a wood material and covered in a cloth made out of bejuco. All the objects and materials in this scene were developed with the intention of recreating the mood of a rustic Italian cuisine, as previously mentioned, always attached to the design made by the architects.