House for Mother

“House for mother” is a house that balances spatiality with intimate rooms – formal simplicity with strong materiality. The facade in raw corrugated aluminium creates a variable play with light and shadow during the day, a rich materiality contrasting with it’s simple expression. The wooden beams and trusses along with the walls lined with plywood give warmth to the interior. The concrete floor is folded to a low bench along the perimeter of the building.

I tried to capture this materiality and simplicity in some CGIs while learning from the real world. I realised that this is the best exercise that I can do for improving my skills. Basing on a real photo you can always discover new details that give more realism to your image.

For the exterior image I tried to express this lonely mood that you sometimes can feel in the earliest time of the day.

The real photos can be found in Archdaily and Förstberg Ling practice websites.


The challenge was to illustrate a secret garden. I thought that besides the location, the garden has to keep some real secrets. In many traditional cultures there is the symbol of the tree, center of everything (universe, world, axis mundi etc) so I made it ‘tree of life’ literally. The Light, souls, unborn child’s, maybe knowledge if we force the sense. The surrounding environment it’s meant to emphasise the center piece.