Creating Trimmed Hedges and Topiary

iToo Software keeps the tutorials coming with a new Forest Pack tips and tricks episode focused on creating hedges and topiary. Stay tuned until the end when revealing a cool, flexible and fully parametric setup that uses Forest Pack and RailClone together.

“We frequently get asked how to create trimmed hedges and topiary using Forest Pack. In this tutorial we’ll look at two possible approaches: firstly using pre-built hedge components that fit together like a jigsaw; and secondly how to use hedge volumes modelled using standard poly tools to scatter leafs and branches using Forest Pack Pro.

To finish up we include a bonus section that explains how to create a RailClone style that can be used as a scatter surface for Forest Pack to create a fully parametric setup“

The downloads for this tutorial are compatible with 3ds Max 2014 and above, V-Ray, Forest Pack Pro and RailClone Lite. If you have yet to discover how RailClone can improve your workflow and take your scenes to the next level, now is your chance!