Corona Renderer 1.3 for 3ds Max released

Render Legion released Corona Render 1.3 for 3ds Max, Their biggest update yet since Corona 1.0. It features many new features, as well as important bug fixes and optimizations. Using it more and more and loving it. Also soon to be available on the Blog Shop! For now you can buy Corona Renderer here, and check out what’s new below.

Check out this new features video first…

New Features

Animated Corona Proxy

Added animation support to Corona Proxy. It uses the same .cproxy format as the old static proxy.


Anisotropy Improvement

Reflection anisotropy is now in object space by default (highlights are rotated when rotating the object). UVW-space anisotropy can be optionally enabled.


Added Corona Layered Material

The new Layered Material works like 3ds Max Blend material, but it combines multiple materials instead of just two. This for example allows quick setup of complex rusted or worn-off materials.


Optional Render Elements Anti-Aliasing

Render elements can now have anti-aliasing enabled or disabled individually. Both elements with and without AA can be rendered in a single shot. Also the “Render elements without AA” checkbox was removed as it is no longer needed.


Vector Displacement

Render Legion continued improving the displacement mapping after the 1.2 version by adding vector displacement support (using the 3ds Max vector displacement map).


Corona Scatter – Collision Detection

Much denser packing of scattered instances is now generated when “Avoid collisions” is on and the instances are randomly rotated. We also added the “strictness” parameter – it relaxes the self-intersection constraint a bit, making it possible to densely fill an area with almost non-intersecting instances.



Interactive Rendering Improvements

Interactive rendering now respects the currently selected aspect ratio. It also supports the region/blowup modes.


Displacement Improvements

Render Legion removed the visible transitions between displacement tessellation levels.



Want to jump on the Corona Bandwagon? You can buy it here, and very soon on the blog shop as well!

Top image by Bertrand Benoit as featured in “Corona Loft