SOA #AcademyDay5 – Interview with Juraj Talcik and Adam Hotovy about Corona Renderer

Keeping up with publishing the interviews made during SOA #AcademyDay5, I’m publishing the second interview with Juraj Talcik and Adam Hotovy. This one focuses on the upcoming Corona Renderer v1.0 release, with Juraj as an artist using this new render engine extensively and Adam who made a big change is his professional life taking on a full-time role as Partner in Render Legion – The Developers of Corona Renderer. Enjoy!

I thank Juraj & Adam for this interview and the SOA team for making this happen. Read my post event summary to get a feel for what Academy Day is about – SOA Academy Day #5 – The Gathering.

Juraj & Adam in action during their presentation…



The Presentation

In a nut shell…

Juraj presented a complex scene he made specifically for the purposes of showcasing Corona Renderer. He recreated Ipes House by Studio MK27 – Marcio Kogan + Lair Reis.


Adam went into more technical aspects, focusing on what we can expect in Corona Renderer v1.0

Expect v1.0 to come out sometime during November 2014, and for the latest news about the pricing and licensing read this article – Discussion about Prices & Licence Politics II.


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