Barts Square by Iain Banks & Henry Goss Visualizations

Iain Banks released a remarkable piece of work today on the forums, done with Henry Goss Visualizations for a development in London – Barts Square. All of these beauties were done using Corona Renderer and originally rendered at 5k. Superb photo-real work going on here!

Visit Iain’s forum thread at – London Project

And here are the rest of the views in the big set done at Henry Goss Visualizations which were more detail views supplementing the main views to give atmosphere and feel to it all. Lots of images!

  • Jamin A Lokko


  • Marcelo Santos Checchia


  • PaffoDueApe

    wondering I long it took to render each images.would be helpful to know what type of machine did you use as well.
    thank you very much.
    p.s. love the style and clarity of each render.Congrats!!!