12 BEST of MONTH Visualizations of 2017

I’m a bit late on this one, but it’s time to look back and honor the best works posted by you on the blog showcase section during 2017. You can see all 52 best of week projects here – Best of Week 2017. Go ahead and take a look at them all, drop a good word and check here who entered the best 12 of the year. I’m very proud to share these great visuals with you and hope to see all of you keep sharing your remarkable works this year too! The top image has nothing to do with the final best of year pick in the end.

Never easy to make a choice of 12 out of 52. The styles are mixed, as well as the subject in each project, but for each month – There can be only one!


1. Best of January 2017 : Crossroad in London

by Nikolay Lisyanskiy / Personal project

2. Best of February 2017 : The Majlis

by Taher Design Studio / Commissioned project full design and visualization of a private villa

3. Best of March 2017 : Giant Simplicity

by Jakub Cech / Personal project

4. Best of April 2017 : Oak Pass House

by Ján Morek / Personal project based on a design by Walker Workshop Architects

5. Best of May 2017 : B.O.G.P

by FAZ / Commissioned project for Architect Nataly Jofre

6. Best of June 2017 : LM Guest House

by Nmachine / Personal project based on a design by Desai Chia Architecture

7. Best of July 2017 : Dazzling

by iddqd studio / Personal project based on a design by KAVA Architects

8. Best of August 2017 : The Star House

by Muskhazhiev Sergey / Personal project based on a design by AGi Architects

9. Best of September 2017 : Impremta Garden

by Talcik&Demovicova / Commissioned project for Whyte Lilja Architects

10. Best of October 2017 : Schiphol New Terminal

by Beauty and The Bit / Commissioned project for KAAN Architecten

11. Best of November 2017 : Fiat Tagliero

by WAX Architectural Visualizations / Personal project based on a design by Giuseppe Pettazzi

12. Best of December 2017 : The Wine Ayutthaya

by Zuzu Studio 34 / Personal project based on a design by Boonserm Premthada

Find out who won the BEST OF YEAR 2017!

A special mention

I would like to give a special mention to Beauty and The Bit!

The amount of work they share on the showcase is remarkable and so are the Best of Week awards they got during 2017. 24 projects shared and 6 of them winning a Best of Week award. It is a beauty and an inspiration to us all 😉