BEST Visualization of YEAR 2017

And so, right after 2017 12 monthly best have been picked, I’m happy to announce the Best Visualization of the Year 2017. I present you with the “LM Guest House” Remake by Nmachine! It is never easy to pick the best out of twelve that are already at the top of their game, but Nmachine checked all the boxes with this one, showcasing the house in various lighting conditions.

Starting with the award-wining LM Guest House design by DESAI CHIA ARCHITECTURE pretty much guarantees a remarkable result if you do it right. And doing it right is what Nmachine did!

Nmachine featured a best of the month during July 2016 as well, with the Ambassador Office set of visuals, but this time around they hit the top mark with a set of CGI’s that stands out being what you’d expect from an architectural photographer to deliver after a session for this house.

Find out more about Nmachine via Rafal Dawlud’s Passport page here on the blog!

Congratulations Nmachine! and thank you, my blog followers for sharing your great work with us all during 2017.

Please keep on doing so and know that I plan to put in place a new system to upload your work, one that will be done directly on the blog and geared towards the AAA.

Keep the great works of your coming in 2017 too!

be good, do good.


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  1. Adi Sehic
    Adi Sehic says:

    I agree, these pictures look like real life photos. Architectural cgi are getting to a really high level of photorealism.

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