Released: MAXTREE Plant Models Vol 8

Plant Models Vol 8 is a collection of high-quality 3D shrub models from MAXTREE. This collection includes 8 species of orchids and 10 other species of high-quality 3D plant models with 3 or 6 different shapes each, in which orchids contains 2-3 varieties with different flower colors. A Total of 162 models available on sale to celebrate the release!

These models are available for 3DS Max 2012 and above, includes GrowFX original, FBX, 3DS Max format, supports V-Ray, Corona Renderer, Scanline render.

There is a special sale to celebrate the release! Check it out below 😉

Here are some previews of the plants in the collection…

Two directions

Each species mainly divided into two types, Vertical direction, and Horizontal direction. They are differentiated in Blue “V” and Red “H” in thumbnails.

Support Forest Pack Pro library

All models are ready for Forest Pack Pro library.

GrowFX origin files

  • With GrowFX origin files, you can easily create new shape of plants by setting a new “seed”, or change the shape as needed.
  • Create wind and grow animation of plants easily (you’ll need to add the wind element).
  • Cutout based on objects in the scene.

Release Sale

To celebrate the release MAXTREE offers a discount on vol 8.