Studio: Talcik&Demovicova

Personal / Commissioned: Commissioned

Impremta has been a long running project for us that started humbly but eventually turned into something really unique looking, one of those rare keepers. Situated on Mallorca, it was sold out almost immediately after it left our hands, and after our brief shock I can only say it makes sense.

“There’s a rare sensation in being invisible around action. Like a child falling asleep to the soothing chatter of the parents’ dinner party. Being there, but at the same time, not.
Impremta Garden is just that. A unique urban residence with thought-through interiors and state of the art architecture, in a cosmopolitan class of its own, right in the very center of Palma. No neon signs. Instead, a sophisticated oasis, filled with timeless style, wrapped in centuries of Balearic history – and no one needs to know.” Credit: Whyte Lilja Architects

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