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Lumion 2 was officially released today, after being available for current clients starting a few days ago, as the development team made big efforts to deliver the new version before Christmas. Lumion 2 brings new features to the quick & easy real-time 3d visualization package… most notably, a new lighting system with an IES preset library, a new sky rendering system supporting night-time and new cloud types, a revamped user interface, better animation control and much more.

Lumion 2 New Features Highlights

  • Artificial lighting, including an IES preset library.
  • Sky rendering system with add cloud types, and a night sky with moon and stars.
  • More importing file formats support – DWG, DXF and Revit via COLLADA.
  • New weather effects – Snow & rain.
  • New artistic movie filters – Pencil, Watercolor and Manga.
  • New Animation Plug-in – Curved animations, animated cross-section and a “sky drop” effect.
  • More animated 3d people.
  • More objects in the pre-made libraries – 249 Indoor + 62 Outdoor + 25 Transport models.
  • 147 new materials included.
  • Completely revamped user interface.

I’ve tested the new version during the weekend, and will post an in-depth review in a few days. But here are a few quick examples showcasing some of the new features…

Lumion 2 New Lights (IES)

The first thing I was anxious to test were the new lights (well, actually the sky was quicker to test… but I’ll start with the lights). I was surprised to learn that they were implemented with an IES preset library that you can choose from. There is not custom or import option yet, but the available options are more than enough to cover many scenarios.

I took one of the houses I got going currently and took a day shot…

villa002 528x297 Lumion 2 Released

Then did some work on it adding a few spots outside and internal light… You can see the night sky looking pretty good on this one too!

villa004a 528x297 Lumion 2 Released

Here is an extra viewpoints…

villa008 528x297 Lumion 2 Released

villa007a 528x297 Lumion 2 Released

This new lighting feature opens up a new world of possibilities for exterior and interior real-time visualizations. You have pretty good control over the color, range, target and pattern of the light. I’d love to see an option to control the light via its temperature (As I’m used to it and love it from V-Ray), and a custom IES loader feature – as fast as possible!

Here is a night version at the office building project I posted not long ago…

light003 528x297 Lumion 2 Released

Lumion 2 New Sky Rendering System

Lumion 2 also includes a completely re-engineered sky rendering system that supports night-time visualizations. Once entering night mode, the sky will show stars, complete with a realistic moon and special night sky colorization and cloud lighting. Additionally, the cloud system also got a big boost in the form of 3 possible cloud type layers – Mid, High and Far… each with its own control so that you can get a very diversified look and feel for your environments.

You’ve seen it at play in the preview image on top, but here are a few more maritime style images (I just love the sea).

sky002 528x297 Lumion 2 Released

sky003 528x297 Lumion 2 Released

A proper night time fishing scenario…

night006a 528x297 Lumion 2 Released

And if you add some fog and god rays… you have the usual morning mist on your way back to port!

fog001 528x297 Lumion 2 Released

Lumion 2 New Weather Effects

Rain & Snow were added to the mix although I have yet figured in which project that will come in handy. The rain seems more usable currently, although the effect could be better as it seems you look at the scene behind a wet glass screen…

sky007 528x297 Lumion 2 Released

And here is a closeup view of the boat in the rain and snow…

rain001 528x297 Lumion 2 Released

snow001 528x297 Lumion 2 Released

I also made a few quick animated passes so you can see them both in action…

And the usual summer-like scene for reference…

Lumion 2 New Artistic Filters

I’ll end this post with some artistic interpretation to the scenes I used above, taking advantage of the new watercolor effect in Lumion 2…

watercolor001 528x297 Lumion 2 Released

villa005 528x297 Lumion 2 Released

You can see more such filters and full information about the new version, prices and a comparison charts between Lumion 2 Basic to Lumion 2 Ultimate on the “Discover Lumion 2″ page.

Expect more in-depth tests and review soon…



margarita 19
margarita 19

How can I add rain effect to my 3d model ???

I mean, there is no special effects tabs on the left had side of my screen

pls help me, it urgent


Can anyone help me finding LUMION Ver. 2 free.


There are lot of possibilities how to use realtime in arch visualization 


One thing I really hate, is this "Artistic Filter" thing.

It's so misunderstood.

"Oh here's our render, lets make it more "A-R-T-I-S-T-I-C" - CLICK! - Oh yeah that's it".

It's like the filters in Photoshop, once you've seen them, you're never really impressed when they're used.

I'd really like to see someone take it really far with Lumion, (like The Third & The Seventh).

ronenbekerman moderator

@MikeDugenioHansen Well, I can't really see much point in them currently other then fun testing them out.

I like the watercolor look in particular.. can't tell exactly why - just looks very nice to me ;)

In any case, trying to get Lumion to dish out photo-real images is what i'm after the most.

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