Render vs. Photo / Room Room House

Forum member Jannyltd posted a great looking photo-matching attempt based on Room Room House by Takeshi Hosaka Architects in Tokyo. The reference photo called for a complete street recreation in 3d that Janny performed very well… it’s not 100% accurate but the general look and feel is very similar. Great work!

This is the original reference photo taken by Koji Fijii / Nacasa & Partners Inc.

And Janny’s render…

Visit Janny’s Room Room House Forum Thread, and check out some of the real house photos below… You just got to love those street corner Japanese houses!

More about this house can be found at – Room Room House by Takeshi Hosaka Architects via HomeDsgn

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  1. jannyltd
    jannyltd says:

    I am extremely glad that you found it interesting. It is 3d max vray and ps for color correction. There is a lot more detail and color correction to be done, so it is a bit work in progress. The idea when I started it was to recreate the photo and then change camera, lighting and story in the picture as Peter Gutrhie suggested so… to be continued I promise. Thanks a lot again 😉

  2. ChengChunMin
    ChengChunMin says:

    Great Modeling and texturing, but PS maybe can enhance abit, coz overall mood not very match yet~

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