The CityLIFE Challenge 29 Finalists

I’m very proud to present the images and animation created by the 29 finalists of the third Architectural Visualization Challenge – CityLIFE. I enjoyed this event very much, as it tackled a theme that is much more complex and vast then the usual daily tasks we deal with. Don’t forget to submit your feedback too if you participated in the challenge or even just visited the new challenge sites during this event.

The finalists (in alphabetical order)

Below is the list of all the qualifying finalists with links to their milestone pages so you can visit and follow all their progress from start to finish. On the right side you can see what major software each one used in the process of creating their images.

Bold entries have made it to the GH House and/or HOVER finalists too 🙂

  • 3dsmax, PS
  • 3dsmax, VRay, PS
  • 3dsmax, PS
  • 3dsmax, VRay, PS
  • 3dsmax, VRay, PS
  • SketchUP, Maxwell Render, PS
  • 3dsmax, VRay, PS
  • SketchUP, Lumion, Premiere, PS
  • Revit, 3dsmax, MR, PS
  • Rhino, 3dsmax, PS
  • Form Z, Maxwell Render, PS
  • 3dsmax, VRay, MultiScatter, PS
  • 3dsmax, Maxwell Render, GrowFX
  • 3dsmax, VRay, PS, AE
  • 3dsmax, VRay, Forest Pro, GrowFX
  • 3dsmax, Mudbox, VRay, Fusion, AE
  • 3dsmax, VRay, Solid Rocks, PS
  • Maya, VRay, AE, PS
  • 3dsmax, VRay, RailClone, PS, LR
  • SketchUP, 3dsmax, VRay, PS
  • 3dsmax, VRay, Forest Pro, PS
  • 3dsmax, VRay, PS
  • 3dsmax, VRay, Rayfire, GrowFX, MD
  • 3dsmax, VRay, PS
  • Maya, VRay, PS
  • 3dsmax, Octane, VRay, PS, LR
  • 3dsmax, VRay, PS, PhotoLooks
  • SketchUP, 3dsmax, VRay, PS
  • PS

Here are the finalists images

42 replies
    • ronenbekerman
      ronenbekerman says:

      @MatheusPassos One winner is pretty clear actually, being the sole entrant in the animation category 😉

      I was hoping for more animation… Next challenge will have this category too, so you can get used to the idea better starting now 😉

        • ronenbekerman
          ronenbekerman says:

          @jpintor@MatheusPassos I’m full in on LUMION these days – but would love to test UDK too… I get the feeling it is the better option for archviz currently.

          Until Crytek makes the special archviz dedicate tool public… seems to take ages!!!

        • jpintor
          jpintor says:

          Actually I’m learning Sandbox and it seems pretty easy and really well equiped with tools and exporters for Sketchup, 3dsmax, Maya and Photoshop, I also find the commands and scripting parts really easy to learn and brings you huge flexibility. @ronenbekerman @MatheusPassos

      • Paul Nicholls
        Paul Nicholls says:

        @ronenbekerman@MatheusPassos i think that animation in a challenge is tricky as it takes up so much more time. I started animating my scene but getting anything decent in my spare time was tricky. Animation comps are rare. People like to just upload their animations they have already made to awards competitions but i doubt people would make animations for short term competitions. I thought it was real time animations? but all the entries i saw were actually rendered? Real time makes much more sense for this type of comp. If that was the intention then I think it can work for the future. Especially with the technology changing all the time.

        It was a good competition and i liked seeing peoples progress during December. Good luck to all.

        • MatheusPassos
          MatheusPassos says:

          @Paul Nicholls@ronenbekerman I like the idea of animating … but I think it would be difficult .. animation requires … time + computers + cash on hand …. I think the next challenge … One of the prizes should be …The winner will earn the animation of the scene … yes this is a great triumph!

        • ronenbekerman
          ronenbekerman says:

          @Paul Nicholls@MatheusPassos I have some what of a radical concept for the next challenge… not so much regarding the theme but more about how it will run and managed so that more artists will join in doing some serious work with great prizes.

          It depends a lot on the community…

          I’ll let you all in on the idea once it is cooked more 😉

        • chuckmorgan
          chuckmorgan says:

          @ronenbekerman@Paul Nicholls@MatheusPassos I’d be up for another real-time competition. I’d love to see a neighborhood modeled with a number empty lots, it could contain streets/infrastructure etc. Each contestant chooses a lot and models a house. In the end all houses are merged into one neighborhood and the judges simply explore each house, interior and exterior. This would eliminate the need for exporting animations, and forces the real-time experience.

          I’m not sure how well the entire model would run though, might be a nightmare, and everyone would have to use the same software, Lumion or Twinmotion etc.

        • David K.
          David K. says:

          @chuckmorgan@ronenbekerman@Paul Nicholls@MatheusPassos

          I love the neighborhood idea! Would be a great competition when there are like empty lots and everybody get’s one to build up a house with garden etc. I think it would also be great idea to have a basic house and a basic plot of land, which is pre-modeled. In the competition all is about modifying it with windows, shutters, extensions and so on. Also you can design the garden and the rooms etc. Would be nice to see how everybody’s personal approach gets visible in the entries. Especially the comparison could be very interesting.

        • jpintor
          jpintor says:

          The idea sounds very nice, but it has a huge con, everybody is forced to use the same engine. Imo the coolest things of a real-time competition will be compare between the different engines and their capabilities. @David K. @chuckmorgan @ronenbekerman @Paul Nicholls @MatheusPassos

        • AndriusSkibaris
          AndriusSkibaris says:

          @ronenbekerman I was actually looking forward to the real time category most of all, sad that there was only one entry. but given one more chance with such a category in a future contest I would defiantly give it a full go.

  1. Paul Nicholls
    Paul Nicholls says:

    I’ve picked my top 5 excluding my own obviously ;). Interesting to see what the judges think. If its anything like judging the 3ds max hero competition then im sure it will be an intense debate. lol. We all wait in anticipation. Will we know before new years? Good luck all.

  2. MatheusPassos
    MatheusPassos says:

    I like the idea of animating … but I think it would be difficult .. animation requires … time + computers + cash on hand …. I think the next challenge … One of the prizes should be …The winner will earn the animation of the scene … yes this is a great triumph!

  3. kodissimo
    kodissimo says:

    the same words which Javier already said. Congrats to all participants for great work and big THANKS to Ronen for another great challenge. Best of luck guys!

  4. annkos
    annkos says:

    I can see some fantastic works here, great works guys !! Unfortunately i didnt manage to finish my entry this time but i hope to the next one! Congrats Ronen for another great competition!!

  5. ChristianMiranda
    ChristianMiranda says:

    What a great challenge! I wish I had participated in the past ones. It has been a great experience and a wonderful laboratory to experiment new ideas and test the old ones. Thanks to Ronen for the excellent idea and congratulations to all the contestants!

  6. alvstel
    alvstel says:

    GReat challenge people! looking forward to see the next!Happy 2012 to everyone, special thanks to those who helped me with their comments on my entry.Was my first time in 3d challenge and i’m very proud I (at least) finished it .

    I wrote my feedback right after uploading finals, but do not know if it was succesfully posted…best regards to all

    Alvaro Ramos.-

  7. EricMehl3d
    EricMehl3d says:

    So cool to see all the entries side by side like this! Everyone has a different interpretation of the theme and different visual styles, I love the diversity.

    Congratulations to everyone and thanks Ronen for putting on a great contest.

  8. leel0u
    leel0u says:

    hi all, was very courious to see the finalists ‘s immages ! Very well done, sorry don’t see one of my favorite for this challenge B. Benois however good luck everyone

    Now my curiosity is for the winner’s immage 🙂

    And Best wishes all for new Years

  9. TiagoAlexandrino
    TiagoAlexandrino says:

    Congratulations to all the participants and i wish you all good luck! Looking forward to see the winner! 🙂

  10. emyjm
    emyjm says:

    Congratulations to all the challengers, it was fascinating to see all these works in progress ! Thanks to Ronen for this exciting challenge! And happy new year!

  11. ChristianMiranda
    ChristianMiranda says:

    Hi Ronen,

    Let us know when the final result will be published. I think we all are anxious. 🙂

    All the best!

    • AndriusSkibaris
      AndriusSkibaris says:

      everyone is eager but no one wants to push Ronen 😀 @Massiw

      anyway – cant wait to see who actually won 🙂

    • ronenbekerman
      ronenbekerman says:

      @Massiw All of us judges have tight deadlines and work around the clock, as most of you do too 😉 and we all took the judging part very seriously… this is why.

      But the results will be out on Monday 😉

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