Backstage Shooting Grey&Wood for Marie Claire Maison

This backstage video, showing PhotoWork at work, is a great find by Juraj Talcik and a must watch for anyone interested in interior visualization, so I plug this one here too. It shows how much really goes into making a photo in terms of building the stage, styling, lighting, compositing, etc. I’m not so sure about Juraj’s comment on his FB page that pure digital is still off in terms of quality compared to this. It is just one example, and the result here looks a bit CG to me after all the post-work done on it. I’m not at all sure about things ever being PURE digital… the IKEA case study clearly shows an advantage of mixing CG + Real Elements for that final ultimate Photo Real look.

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9 SketchUP Tips for better 3d modeling workflow

I picked up SketchUP my first year of architecture school back in 2002 and never stopped using it since. It is as powerful as it is simple, and yet I’ve seen too many pick up bad habits who find it hard to utilize SketchUP to its full potential.

So while I work on the continuation of the Making of ‘MS House’ – Part 1, Let me elaborate further and share some more of my SketchUP work-flow. Before I get specific about a few things, I should mention that it is good practice to have the manual comfortably nearby while modeling and I also highly recommend watching the SketchUP video guides. The information I’ll elaborate here will, hopefully, help you model fast and efficient with a great amount of control over the 3d modeling process.

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