Parametric Windows with RailClone

iToo Software has announced a new Tips & Tricks tutorial for RailClone. In this concise video they demonstrate how to slice a window model and use the pieces with RailClone to create new windows at any new size.

Here’s a general overview of the sliced window, then used to create any size in any given facade. Cool!

image2015-11-20 16-47-32

“In one of our demo reels we featured a brief clip of a parameterised window model. Since this was released we’ve been asked a number of times about how to create this kind of object. To answer those questions this new tips and tricks episode will look at the best way to prepare a window model and parameterise it using RailClone so that it can be easily re-used in different sizes. Once we’ve gone through the process of creating this object, we’ll also show how you can automatically fill an entire façade with windows in a single click.”.

Go ahead and check out the Parameterising Windows tutorial page now.

The files that come with this series are compatible with 3DS Max 2010 – 2016, V-Ray, Mental Ray, RailClone Pro or Lite, and Forest Pack Pro or Lite.

These tutorials are made by request, so if you have an issue you would like to see featured, please visit iToosoft’s forum and make your suggestion.