XfrogPlants Volume 2 available for V-Ray 3.2 on 3dsmax

XfrogPlants are now available in V-Ray 3.2 format for 3ds Max which was released a few days ago by Chaos Group. 1,600 high quality plants individually modeled by botanical experts using Xfrog procedural software.

One of Xfrog’s objectives when designing a shader system was to have a logic which can be used for both Hero Shots (closeup) as well as for far-off ecosystem distributions where each plant occupies just a few pixels.

This adds a lot of complexity into the logic since a shader up close needs a higher quality of settings and a much larger network compared to the one which is used for general scattering where one just needs to work the silhouette.

Traditionally this would mean having multiple shader designs each tailored for a specific use. This can result in inconsistencies and complexities. To address this, Xfrog have a structure which can easily adapt to the required situation while keeping things in a structured, organised and easy to understand or modify.


A : For General Ecosystem scattering, where the plants occupy the least space on the rendered frame.

B : Now if the ecosystem is backlit and / or the user needs the light scattering effect (but still does not need the close up leaf detail).

C : For close-up or hero shots, the maximum amount of detail is required.

These 1,600 models are available as discounted Bundles or you may choose to purchase any of the 9 individual Volume 2 libraries or, get any of the 180 individual Species you need individually by jumping here.

Making of “Along the Creek”

Ashish Dani has created the “Along the Creek” of a Canadian stream and its surrounding trees using the new V-Ray 3.1 XfrogPlants Europe 3 library.

Click here for the in-depth explanation of the shaders and render passes.

Free Samples

You are more than free to download any of the free samples that Xfrog are offering on their samples page.