The Vineyard / Unreal Engine Challenge Launched

Today, I’m very happy to launch “The Vineyard” Challenge in partnership with Epic Games and Nvidia as main sponsors, aimed at leading the architectural visualisation field into an exciting new chapter of realtime visualisation and interactivity exploration. Building on top of previous architectural visualisation challenges held on my blog, this time I’m calling upon challenges to join and let your creative minds run wild while using Epic’s Unreal Engine 4 to create your entries. You can join as a solo artist or a team. Great prizes are dedicated to both!

As you all know, It was always my aim to host at least one major ArchVIZ challenge per year, But after “The Museum” Duo I knew the next one had to break new grounds. Seeing Epic’s Open World Kite Real-Time Demo in Unreal Engine 4 sparked my imagination and so it happens that the opportunity to bring realtime gaming technology to the world of architectural visualisation, highlights not only the versatility of Unreal Engine, but also opens the door for a new concept of visualisation, where the use of interactive animations and immersive VR will be increasingly relevant.


the vineyard main logo 450


“The Vineyard”, The 6th Architectural Visualisation Challenge dedicated to the exploration of Unreal Engine 4 and sponsored by Epic Games, Inc. is now LIVE!

the vineyard main splash 09b


Photo credit : Peachy Canyon Vineyard at sunrise by Malcolm Carlaw

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  1. Danny Kai Kae Shiuh
    Danny Kai Kae Shiuh says:

    Everyone is hyped with the latest E3 announcement now = ) will continue writing tonight and get your the draft within this few days = )

  2. kamilkisielewski30
    kamilkisielewski30 says:

    I’m very new to this blog and to UE4 but will take the chalange 🙂

  3. wks
    wks says:

    Hi, i am a landscape architect. Seen some good stuff on UE. Btw, is this an animation or still archviz competition? If its an animation, any min sizes /etc format requirement? Can’t seem to find details. Thanks.

  4. vincentlion
    vincentlion says:

    Hi !
    What a great Challenge ! the Theme is pretty cool !

    If needed, I modelled Vineyard collection available here :

    and here :

    good luck at all ! 😉

  5. Shanaire
    Shanaire says:

    Really wanted to enter this competition, unfortunately i cant use Unreal Engine because i’m still using snow leopard on mac, unfortunate for me…

  6. chongchunfee
    chongchunfee says:

    hi ronen,
    may i know what is the final output for this contest? still images/video/or full realtime interactive platform?


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