Making of House on the Coast

3dnotos studio sheds some light about the making of their striking “House on the Coast” image posted not long ago on the forums (Done in viewport still screen capture style mostly). I love the look & feel they went for on this one, being an actual client work, and not the usual treatment one would expect… this image offers both warmth and cold feelings with a very smart placement of the women overlooking the sea from her exterior deck.

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Dune Apartments by Jakub Gramczynski

Here’s a selection of images Jakub Gramczynski showcased on the forums that were made while working at Mellon Architekci architectural office. They both served as a design tool for checking if the project is heading the right way and as a marketing tool too in the promotional project website and print. Jakub also made several video recordings of his process to share with you all.

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Complete Photoshop Postwork Session Videos by Mike Barrin

Today I stumbled upon a very interesting Photoshop photo matching postwork session videos made by Mike Barrin. He recorded a complete postwork session that he made on an image for a client and uploaded it in full to Vimeo at x8 speed. Even though I don’t like the end result all that much (got to be honest here), I really do like the process being showcased like that. I learned a few things from following the 4 videos and I suggest you all to take the time and watch them too. x8 speed might be too fast but if you focus you get the hang of it.

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