Making of Adelaide Housing by Arqui9 Visualisation

Pedro Fernandes is a frequent blog dweller, sharing great work featuring a style approach I like a lot. He posted making-of articles here won numerous Best of Week award. This article of his stand the test of time! he is sharing the process of creating the visuals for the Adelaide Housing project for an architectural studio called Architects Ink. There’s great insight in this article… so dive in and enjoy!

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ARCHVIZ Workflow with Cristian Chierici / CC79

Pushing on with the exploration of the various workflows in Architectural Visualization, I’m presenting you today the work of Cristian Cherisi from CC79. Three works to be exact, ranging from mostly postwork towards mostly 3d. This is a mixture between both ends of the spectrum, while keeping the same end result style. Cristian presents us how he approached his latest 3 projects with examples. Enjoy!

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Making of “The White”

Maarten Demey from A1 Planning posted last month some still images of “The White”, an interesting looking residential project located at the Belgian coast near the historical center of Ostend. The architecture captured my attention and the visuals had a nice feel to them, it was interesting for me to learn more about this project and the balance between pure 3d and postwork that was done on the visuals. Maarten is kindly sharing this information with us all in this article which includes several slides of the post-process stages. Enjoy!

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