Client: Martian Republic

Personal / Commissioned: Commissioned

Red Wood Clinic is a children’s treatment and recovery complex that will focus on neurodegenerative diseases. Martian Republic designed a space that looked more like a house in the woods than a hospital so both children and their families could feel safe and comfortable while doing recovery treatments that are both long and repetitive.

Graphroot’s task, for this part of the project, was to deliver a series of 3 photorealistic exterior images that would emphasize the building’s integration with the woods.

We helped our client choose two main angles: One that highlighted the dynamic and integration of the building within the natural scenery: a place where families would gladly choose as a holiday retreat if they weren’t under treatment, and – a second one that showcased the diversity of the natural surroundings and the way glass and wood was used to bring the woods within so patients could explore the view while their siblings and families could explore the woods outside. We agreed with the client to do day and late evening scenarios for the second angles because envisioning the project in different time-frames helps their end-client better understand the space. This was important as the imagery was to be used as both concept approval and validation from investors and end-consumers.

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