Studio: Micdee Designs

Designer / Architect: Michael Awonowo

Personal / Commissioned: Personal Project

Location: Rivers, Nigeria Nigeria

Country Home V2 is an R&D project I embarked on personally. It is a revisit of an old project we did last year (View old scene here). I decided to recreate the scenes of the project and so placed the design in a more natural environment. The environment was influenced by one of NMachine’s projects – LM Guest House. The simple design of the home alongside the mood of the renders was one to greatly admire and I sought to recreate that sort of ambiance and realism.

The project was worked on in my free time between commercial projects and like I prefer doing, I emphasized on creating a full CGI environment. I have listed links to the resources I used in this simulation.

Country Home V2 project was rendered in Corona, an amazingly forward thinking renderer. It made my workflow almost seamless and I never had to worry about tweaking render settings or what’s not.

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