behind the scene

Some locations are so highly renowned that their surroundings consequently lose their relevance, even though they carry an important history of their own. Being overshadowed by the main attraction, these neighbouring areas are mainly used as transitional spaces. As people move between these places, the spaces begin blurring in the background and get less and less noticed until they become non-places.
“To walk is to lack a place” Michel de Certeau

In our proposal, we focus on the center of Vienna and its landmark, the Stephansdom, which is visited by numerous tourists each day. Due to the endless stream of visitors, people would not expect the area around the dome to be considered a non-place according to Marc Auge’s theory. However our assumption argued that icons generate a meaningless void around them, so we wanted to create a project that would react against the weakening of the site.

The modest intervention of angled mirrors restricts the view of the monument and renews the spectators point of interest. By redirecting the visitors’ perception towards the forgotten places around the monument, people are led to rethink their acknowledgement of the spaces “behind” the scene.


Hi Guys,
here is my last personal project called “sunburn”. This time I want to capture the elegance and simplicity of the midcentury architecture with a different style and story. Of course, the charm of the old gas stations has inspired me a lot by doing this project.
It was the first time I used C4D from start to finish for modeling. Textured, shaded and rendered in Octane and for texturing of the hero objects i used 3DCoat, which is very handy tool for handpainted textures.
Hope you like it guys and thanks for watching.
Comments and Critics are always welcome.
Best, Bahadir

Old micro brewery bar

Here is an old brewery reconverted into a bar with a reading corner and a computer area.

Modeled with Blender. Rendered with Octane Standalone 3.06.2 using DL Diffuse and PMC kernels. Lit with sun and hdr. Rendering time varies between 2h and 3h on 3xGTX1070 & 1xGTX780 depending on the resolution and the view angle.