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  1. Sanel Muranovi?
    Sanel Muranovi? says:

    Hi. I have one question. How to convert in .max files? There are only .fbx and .obj? And also thanks to Mischa! 🙂

  2. jecete
    jecete says:

    I have the same downloading problem. The dropbox link returnsan “unabel to connect” message. Been having the same problem for a few days now with this link.

  3. AlexNesbitt
    AlexNesbitt says:

    Thanks for this… How do I setup the materials? A multi-object map? The blades of grass only have 3 material IDs and there are 5 maps and a bump map… I don’t understand :/

  4. Gary A C
    Gary A C says:

    Well appreciated.

    As a new user to 3ds max where Landscape Architecture is concern … would someone like to instruct me as to how to use a map/file such as this in a project 


  5. Camille Kleinman
    Camille Kleinman says:

    awesome looking grass! thank you! can i use it without knowing 3ds max? how do i use it?

  6. MrEz
    MrEz says:

    When I bring this into max, nothing renders. It appears that there are no materials added to the objects (they show as black objects). How do I apply the materials to this? I am a beginner and would really appreciate some help.

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