Forest Pack 4.3 Pro & Lite Released

iToo Software announced today the release of Forest Pack 4.3 Lite and Pro versions. This update adds powerful new features suggested by users, including tools to create level-of-detail models, a new boundary-checking mode to simplify the creation of clearly defined edges for large scatter areas, and the ability to limit distribution using material ID’s.

Forest Pack 4.3 brings Corona Renderer materials to the existing libraries, adds 16 new ready-to-use gravel presets – each in two versions for small or large-scale areas – plus many more features and fixes.

Key Features :

  • A new Forest LOD object that allows you to switch billboard, models or materials based on distance from the camera, a custom target, or as a percentage of the screen size.
  • Edge boundary checking mode to automate the creation of clean edges, especially when creating grass. Works by removing element sub-objects that fall outside the scatter area’s perimeter. (V-Ray only)
  • The ability to limit a scatter to specific polygons using Material IDs when using surfaces.
  • Introduced separate controls for Density and Scale Falloff Affect parameters.
  • A new XML Data exporter to aid interoperability and integration of Forest Pack into large pipelines.
  • 16 new Gravel presets, including detail and large-scale models.
  • Materials for Corona Renderer added to existing free libraries.

To help you get up and running with these new features, iToosoft is also releasing two short tutorials :

1. Using Level of Detail demonstrates how to switch scattered items based on their distance from the camera or their size in the render view.


2. Boundary Checking Using Edge Mode to show a simplified technique for creating clean edges around large scatters.

The Lite version of this release, freely available to download and use commercially, and full release notes are available now on the iToo Software website.

Feature image credit goes to The Boundary

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  1. maxfury
    maxfury says:

    That video was hilarious. Glad to see edge mode at last!! No more wiggling splines around to get a cleaner edge.

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