Spend Time in The Sun / Corona Renderer Summer Promo

Summer time is here, as well as being the Blog Birthday Month – and so it begins! I’m happy to announce the annual summer sale promo for Corona Renderer. You can get 20% OFF on a yearly license with the code RBSUMMER. Go crazy with it!

Corona Renderer Summer Promotion

Make the most of summer with Corona Renderer which will accelerate your renders and your workflow so that you finish your work on time and can enjoy some time in the sun 😉 It’s intuitive user interface and unmatched, state of the art, fully featured interactive rendering will bring to life whatever you can imagine, while meeting your budget and deadlines.

Don’t be a slave to your renders, purchase before August 31st, 2016 and save 20% on any yearly license (that means more than 2 months free!)

I can tell you first hand why the above is true. I’ve tried and used Corona Renderer in the past for a production project, but really dived in during my recent Lighting Masterclass with Peter Guthrie I took at SOA. The way it works and what it offers enabled me to focus on exploring more views, more lighting options and get the feedback I needed on them faster with less tinkering around.

So did Dung Nguyen, from Ho Chi Minh City – Vietnam, who took the same class and one of his images is featured above! (and below too, showing his full set as it was explored during the class).

And here is my set… original color renders.

And B&W which I like better for some…

Here’s more about why you should consider Corona Renderer by Render Legion 😉

Easy to Use

You didn’t take up 3D to push spinners and type-in numbers. Corona Renderer frees the artist in you with great results straight out of the box. Spend your time creating, not learning parameters and settings.


Realistic results and rendering speed are important, and Corona Renderer delivers on both. With version 1.4 denoising was introduced to save you 50% to 70% on render times, with all realism that Corona is known for.


Corona Renderer makes you faster as well as your renders. Interactive rendering lets you see the results of any change to your scene with near instant feedback (Ronen : “Be sure to have a strong box!”), and that means no more guesswork or repeated test renders.

Go get it! use code RBSUMMER

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