BEST Visualization of YEAR 2016

2016 is behind us with 52 Best Weekly Visualization selected, as well as the 12 Monthly Best. Now is the time to announce the Best Visualization of the Year 2016. I’m very happy to present you with the “Yale Center for British Arts” Remake by Bertrand Benoit! It is never easy to pick the best one out of the best 12, but Bertrand sure excelled this time around, showcasing the remarkable subject matter that is Louis Kahn’s design.

Here’s what Bertrand says about this project along with images from the set.

Yale Center by Bertrand Benoit 06

I’ve always been fascinated by Louis Kahn and eager to do one of his buildings in 3D. But so have many CG artists, starting with the legendary Alex Roman, and it’s been a struggle to find a motive that wasn’t already overused.


I read about the renovation of Kahn’s Yale Center for British Art, his last building, which reopened in May this year. I decided to go for it, and here’s the result. I went for the building’s post-renovation look, though I’m not sure if I’ve been completely consistent given that a lot of my reference material couldn’t be precisely dated.


On the technical side, this was built in 3ds Max and rendered in Corona Renderer, which I find performs well in confined spaces with a lot of indirect light. I took advantage of the denoiser added in 1.4 to speed up the rendering and increase the final resolution. Most images rendered in just a couple of hours on a single machine. The whole project took about three months, on-and-off.

I used a Corona fog, which I found to work very well and didn’t slow down the rendering too much, to add some atmosphere to the shots. These atmospherics were fine-tuned in post using a separate element. For post, I used mainly ArionFX and a few tweaks in PS.


Find out more about this project on Bertrand Benoit’s Blog and for information about the renovated Yale Center visit Archdaily.

Congratulations Bertrand! and thank you, my forum members for sharing your great work with us all during 2016.

Please keep on doing so and know that I plan to put in place a new system to upload your work, one that will be done directly on the blog and geared towards the AAA.

That is the ArchVIZ Academy Awards, as announced at Academy Day #7.


Keep them great works of your coming in 2017 too!

be good, do good.


  • Phan Thành Lương

    All images amazing !

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  • Prince Smart

    People. You should know something. Since #BertrandBenoit’s renders are in any contest, HE WILL *ALWAYS* WIN. Always. This guy is simply a genius in the archviz field. He’s simply perfect in photography. Perfect in composition. Perfect in lighting. What else !

  • Thierry Biarritz

    I never understood how you get such a realistic light.

  • Prince Smart

    People. You should know something. Since #BertrandBenoit’s renders are in any contest, HE WILL *ALWAYS* WIN. Always. This guy is simply a genius in the archviz field. He’s simply perfect in photography. Perfect in composition. Perfect in lighting. What else !

  • Isaburo Sasahara

    Bertrand Benoit is a great artist, extremely talanted person. But in last years he didn’t produce something new, I said it because I love his works and what he did for our archviz community, giving prize to him it’s a mistake. I believe he can generate something fresh.. not another Alex Roman Khan’s vizualisation.

  • Ronen Bekerman – 3D Architectural Visualization Bl

    He did not always win… it is true you have to push your limits when he’s around – I prefer it that way, don’t you?

  • Ronen Bekerman – 3D Architectural Visualization Bl

    New and Fresh is not the goal – Architectural Visualization, telling the story of a place to be is. You can do it without being new or fresh… you can do it with a sketch till this day.

  • Prince Smart

    You got it @Ronen ! 🙂 🙂 🙂 This is exactly the point. By saying it in that way I’d rather emphasize the fact that if you know that one #BertrandBenoit’s render is on track for a competition, you HAVE TO push your limits…. You tell it the right way. 😉 Thanks

  • Isaburo Sasahara

    Ronen, all you blog is about technology and art. It’s not only about story telling, it’s about a new way of presenting Architectural Visualisation. Many years your blog delivers to us new techniques, technologies. Your blog was the best in doing that, and now you give a prize for project which is outdated… very sad. What about artist, Bertrand was one of the best for many years, we all remember Tribeca Loft, Bauhaus- those simply mind blowing projects. But those days passed, giving to him another prize you are not helping him, you are just ruining his competitiveness.. maybe he needs some time to take advantage. (Zuliban for example, this guy is hiding for many years and now he shows another mind blowing project). P.s Ronen how many followers do you have here ? Many.. but only 53 likes on this image, Best of the year 53 likes.. isn’t it strange ?

  • souzagiovanne

    What really new you want it bring? The blog is primarily not about new technologies, but architectural visualization, like Ronen says: New and Fresh is not the goal! I believe that the end result, having achieved its goal, is the most important thing, no matter which tool was used. Anyway, regards!

  • psteels

    I don’t get why he uses ArionFx on a Corona render. Corona bloom & Glare is IMO superior and especially faster. ArionFX workflow in photshop is cumbersome.

  • caoruming

    I try to copy his work.
    But i  can’t do it better.Even though  I use the same texture.i dont know why?He is awsome! I have one of his model,Material and the light is not complicated.I don’t know why he works so real!