12 BEST of MONTH Visualizations of 2016

2017 started and it’s time to look back and reflect upon the best works posted by you on the forums during 2016. You can see all 52 best of week projects here – Best of Week 2016. Go ahead and take a look at them all, drop a good word and check here who entered the best 12 of the year. I’m very proud to share these great visuals with you and hope to see all of you keep sharing your remarkable works this year too! The top image has nothing to do with the final best of year pick in the end.


Never easy to make a choice of 12 out of 52. The styles are mixed, as well as the subject in each project, but for each month – There can be only one!

1. Best of January 2016 : 87 Park

by The Boundary for Renzo Piano.

2. Best of February 2016 : West Coast Living

by Darwin Ceballos for a Norwegian developer.

3. Best of March 2016 : Buzludzha Monument


4. Best of April 2016 : Queen Alia Airport

by Marcin “Neb” Jastrzebski.

5. Best of May 2016 : Kaelatornet, A Scandinavian Skyscraper

by Tomorrow.

6. Best of June 2016 : Vega House

by Nikolay Antonchik inspired by Kolman Boye Architects.

7. Best of July 2016 : Ambassador Office

by NMachine for AMC-Andrzej M. Chołdzyński.

8. Best of August 2016 : Yale Center

by Bertrand Benoit.

9. Best of September 2016 : IMPA

by Ricardo Canton for SPBR.

10. Best of October 2016 : Island Rings

by Thomas Dubois.

11. Best of November 2016 : Hyperloop ONE

by Tomorrow for BIG and Hyperloop ONE.

12. Best of December 2016 : Waste Energy

by Beauty and The Bit for Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects & Gottlieb Paludan Architects.

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