Making of CityLIFE’s ‘Metabolic City’ by Jean-Marc Emy

The first of the CityLIFE Challenge making-of articles is here! Done by the Grand Prize Winner, Jean-Marc Emy will describe the process of creating his ‘Metabolic City’ scene which is rooted deeply within the concepts of the Japanese Metabolic architecture stream and relies heavily on 2d post production techniques. I hope you’ll enjoy this article, learn from it and share your thoughts by commenting at the bottom of this article’s page.

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The CityLIFE Challenge 29 Finalists

I’m very proud to present the images and animation created by the 29 finalists of the third Architectural Visualization Challenge – CityLIFE. I enjoyed this event very much, as it tackled a theme that is much more complex and vast then the usual daily tasks we deal with. Don’t forget to submit your feedback too if you participated in the challenge or even just visited the new challenge sites during this event.

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Interview with State of Art Studio

The first image I’ve seen by SOA‘s Roberto De Rose was the Maison Hermes personal work based on Renzo Piano’s Hermes building in Tokyo. I was so amazed by it I asked him to share more information about it and it became one of the first making of articles on this blog – Making of Maison Hermes. Roberto is on the CityLIFE Challenge jury panel and those of you coming to Academy Day #2 in Venice this October will get to meet him and Gianpiero in person. For the time being here is an Interview that will shed valuable light on the insides of SOA… Enjoy!

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The 3rd Architectural Visualization Challenge Begins

The long-awaited architectural visualization challenge No. 03 is here at last boasting a brand new website with an exciting and challenging theme – CityLIFE! This time you are tasked to explore one of the most complex and vast subject matter in Architectural Visualization, our urban way of living. Visit the new challenges main site to get started with your journey on this one. You will find all the challenge related information over there and keep on reading here to find out more about that site, how it came to be and and introduction to using it.

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