Corona Loft by Bertrand Benoit

Bertrand Benoit seems to have more and more fun with Corona. After uploading a few full V-Ray scenes to his warehouse, seeing a full Corona interior scene up there seemed like the next logical thing, and indeed – The Corona Loft is up their for grabs. As Bertrand puts it – “It’s a full, high-quality, ready-to-render industrial loft scene. Use it for fun, learning, for commercial projects, or to plunder and cannibalize for your own Corona projects”. Just pay attention to the fact it is a heavy and demanding scene.

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Octane Corners by Bertrand Benoit

It is safe to say that no matter what render engine Bertrand Benoit picks up, the outcome will be among the best that was ever made! with that render engine. We’ve seen that all too well a month ago when he posted his “Corners” scene rendered with the real-time GPU engine – Octane, which won 2nd place in their 2012 Apocalypse Competition (I personally think he had a first place grade entry though). I would keep tabs on the advances the Octane people are making… it’s getting very interesting in the real-time zone.

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Graticule House 3D Recreation by Bertrand Benoit

Bertrand Benoit posted on the forums a masterful recreation of a house designed by David Jameson Architects – the Graticule House (see the original Graticule House it in the inspiration section). Intended as a scene to test GrowFX trees (all of them are) and as a place to showcase Bertrand’s many great furniture models. Funny how he mentions “…I could never get it quite finished…”. I wish I can “never finish” projects this way!

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Graticule House / David Jameson Architects

Graticule House by David Jameson Architects is an exemplar for the “isolated house in the woods” scenario. Interestingly articulated using a simple orthogonal design vocabulary, this house offer many great framed vantage points towards the woods and from the woods back at it. There are many photos to explore in this set offering great reference for how such a house could look both day and night, in and out. You should also check out Bertrand Benoit’s 3d recreation of Graticule House.

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