Graticule House / David Jameson Architects

December 11, 2011 |  by  |  Architecture, Inspiration, Visualization

Graticule House by David Jameson Architects is an exemplar for the “isolated house in the woods” scenario. Interestingly articulated using a simple orthogonal design vocabulary, this house offer many great framed vantage points towards the woods and from the woods back at it. There are many photos to explore in this set offering great reference for how such a house could look both day and night, in and out. You should also check out Bertrand Benoit’s 3d recreation of Graticule House.

Photography by Nic Lehoux Photography

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Architecture is simple and nice. But the photos are great ! Incredible photographer this guy Nic Lehoux. Makes me wish to go on camera trip right now.

Bertrand's pictures are outstanding as usual too. Nothing to comment on there.

ronenbekerman moderator

@JurajTalcik So much we can learn from real photos taken by great architecture photographers... gathering some more insight on this subject these days ;)

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