Corona Renderer Alpha6 Released!

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After 9 months of development, A new public version of Corona Renderer is being released today, called Alpha v6. The new features include support for distributed rendering, new robust API, ability to save and resume rendering later, improved light solver and motion blur, physically based camera, exposure and lights, and more. Because it is still in development, the plugin is free to use and can be downloaded at the official website after registering at the forum. It has no restrictions like limited resolution or watermarks, and can be used for commercial work. Commercial versions with artist-friendly pricing are planned for the future.

Feature image by Bertrand Benoit.

Corona Renderer has picked a big following in the past months with Alpha v5 and lots of great work was shared on the forums grabbing Best of WEEK’s too. I’ve recently started to test and use it in my studio with great results.

Alpha v6 has an impressive feature list and I look forward to see how far we can push it!


  • Yes, it is still free for commercial use
  • No limitations, no watermarks
  • Offers Biased and Unbiased Rendering
  • By default very slightly biased
  • CPU based
  • Fully integrated into 3dsmax, standalone A6 version will follow
  • ADD + NBPArtist Driven Development & No Bullshit Policy
Parisian apartment 3 by Juraj Talcik Veronika Demovicova 728x455 Corona Renderer Alpha6 Released!

Parisian apartment 3 by Juraj Talcik & Veronika Demovicova


Support of third-party plugins

Corona Renderer A6 does support the following plugins:

  • All 3ds Max procedural shaders
  • MultiScatter
  • Multitexture
  • Forest Pack Pro
  • Forest Color
  • RailClone
  • BerconMaps
  • Wacoscatter / MDO Scatter
  • VrayHDRI
  • ColorCorrect

Save/Resume Rendering

Yes, with Corona Renderer A6 you are able to save and resume rendering later. Also you are able to save your render and continue rendering on a different machine.

In the future we will also release a utility which will allow you to MERGE two (or more) renders rendered on two different machines (they do not have to part of the same network, so it can be your machine at work and your machine at home).
Resulted merged image will have the noise reduced (simply put: if you used two identical machines, result will twice better)

Improved light solver

Dramatically improved light sampling in some more complicated scenes, where geometry lights and CoronaLights are combined.

(GIF Image : Click to see Old cs. New)

lightsampler old vs new 728x409 Corona Renderer Alpha6 Released!

Distributed Rendering

A pilot implementation of distributed rendering was added. While currently still having some limitations, it can be already used to speed up your still shots.

Physically based camera & exposure & emission

Added photographic parameters to the camera, physical exposure, and physical light emission units.

Support for 3dsmax standard/photometric lights

While the standard 3dsmax lights are nowhere as physically plausible as CoronaLights, we understand that some users like them for their unprecedented artistic control ability. That’s why we are bringing them to Corona.

Internal Color Space is now WIDE RGB


Corona Renderer was previously using the XYZ color space, as opposed to the sRGB color space used by most renderers.  There are several reasons why using wide-gamut color space improves rendering, even though the final rendered image is converted back to sRGB.

For more about this feature and others read the release article on the Corona Renderer blog.

Here are some more examples of work that was done with previous builds of Corona Renderer :


Luxurious living room Cam 011 1 1080p 728x449 Corona Renderer Alpha6 Released!

Luxurious Lliving Room by Eduard Caliman

Image Credits :



Corona is love at first render. My render of Choice since Version Alpha 4 (A lot of months ago...)  A6 is faster and has more features. No Regrets ! 


I have been using Corona for the past 6 months now and have nothing but good thoughts to express about it. The thing I like most about it, among many features, is the high quality GI solution and the really close resemblance to the unbiased results of the hybrid unbiased/biased setup (PT+HD). Great product and I'm sure it will be implemented in many artists' workflow.

ronenbekerman moderator

If your actively using Corona Render for some time now - Give us a shout! even share an image or two here ;)

Mario Cameras Crivelli
Mario Cameras Crivelli

We'll test it as soon as possible! Thanks for the advice Ronen Bekerman – 3D Architectural Visualization Blog. Mario - From Mexico.

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