12 BEST of MONTH Visualizations of 2013

Following up on the 52 Weekly Best Visualizations posted two days ago, I’m proud to present now the selected 12 BEST of MONTH visualizations of 2013! It was far from easy to make this selection of the 12… but for each month – There can be only one! Each will get a 100 Euro Voucher, to spend on great looking 3D furniture models by Designconnected. the BEST OF YEAR is coming next!

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52 Best Visualizations of 2013

You have seen these during the year on the newsletter (signup), but here they all are – The 52 Best Visualizations of 2013, selected each week from the works posted on the forums Finished Work Section. The 12 Best of MONTH visuals + the BEST OF YEAR will be announced tomorrow. Each of the 12 will get a 100 Euro Voucher to spend on great looking 3D furniture models by Designconnected. the BEST OF YEAR will get 600 Euro’s. Enjoy this roundup!

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State of Art Academy / Master Class #6

With recent news about SOA’s Academy Day #4 and the completion of MasterClass #6 I thought it will be nice to feature the great work of the students of class #6 and what they think and feel about their experience. I came to know SOA back in early 2010 seeing Roberto’s ‘Maison Hermes’ visual and since then I’ve been in constant contact with Gianpiero & Roberto and attended Academy Days #2 & #3 and loved every minute of it! Taking my online acquaintance with them to a personal level I can say (as we do In my family) they are True Mensch! I will not miss Academy Day #4 and hope to see you there too.

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12 Postwork Style Architectural Visualization Tutorials

I’ve written an article for 3D World Magazine that takes a look over the arch-viz field trying to define our workflows, styles and technologies we use in our daily work. You can find this article in the latest 3D World Magazine, April 2013 Issue, but since I run into the “Print World Wall” and couldn’t get in all the examples I had in mind, I decided to follow-up on the article by showcasing more examples that I like – Starting with the Postwork Style Workflow… Enjoy this roundup!

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