Los Faiques Dwellings / DURAN&HERMIDA arquitectos asociados

Los Faiques Dwellings by Duran & Hermida arquitectos asociados

I’ve learned about the Los Faiques Dwellings in Yunguilla valley, Ecuador, following pixelpark’s remarkable CG remake of this eye catching design by Duran & Hermida arquitectos asociados. Named after the trees occupying the site, the pavilion like structures blend in and open themselves towards the surroundings. There are amazing dusk shots in this photo set taken by photographer Sebastián Crespo.

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Backstage Shooting Grey&Wood for Marie Claire Maison

This backstage video, showing PhotoWork at work, is a great find by Juraj Talcik and a must watch for anyone interested in interior visualization, so I plug this one here too. It shows how much really goes into making a photo in terms of building the stage, styling, lighting, compositing, etc. I’m not so sure about Juraj’s comment on his FB page that pure digital is still off in terms of quality compared to this. It is just one example, and the result here looks a bit CG to me after all the post-work done on it. I’m not at all sure about things ever being PURE digital… the IKEA case study clearly shows an advantage of mixing CG + Real Elements for that final ultimate Photo Real look.

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Galaxy Soho by Zaha Hadid Architects

If there is a project by Zaha Hadid Architects I really like, It is this – Galaxy Soho in Beijing. And from all the photos taken of it, the ones by HUFTON + CROW are my favorite for showing the building teeming with people, in context and in contrast to it! I love the foggy mood they captured… so indicative of Beijing. Many criticize Zaha Hadid for repeating herself, but in this case I just love the form and flow which play well with a “spaceship just landed” like building. The photos taken from within the small city streets are the best.

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