Infinity by Atelier d’Architecture Bruno Erpicum & Partners

Today’s inspiration comes thanks to Phil Buerer, following his “Infinity” post on the forums where he recreates one of the original photos of the Infinity house by Atelier d’Architecture Bruno Erpicum & Partners. Located at the Baleares Islands, Spain, this simple and white structure serves as great reference for clean and monochromatic design under the Mediterranean light.

Turning it’s back to those near it on site, the house faces the horizon and open infinite sea. Check out the layout first…



Architecture by Atelier d’Architecture Bruno Erpicum & Partners.
Photography by Jean-Luc Laloux.

Here’s a link to Phil’s forum thread, who I have to thank for brining this house to my attention – Infinity.

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3 replies
  1. LorinczAron
    LorinczAron says:

    wow, it jumpes off the screen less than a second that these are actual photos.
    surprising how clear even in thumbnail size the difference between archviz(“photoreal”) and an actual photo.
    the lack of glows and all typical archvis clichés shows up immediately… how refreshing!

  2. Phil Buerer
    Phil Buerer says:

    Hey.. I’m glad that it serves as an inspiration. I think that house deserve more renders 🙂 I love this corner with the tree.

    EASY RENDER says:

    Looks fantastic! We tend to agree with Phil Buerer comment – would love to see more renders.

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