28 Free Hardwood Flooring Textures by Europlac

Vyonyx is sharing on their website a set of 28 free hardwood flooring textures that was provided for them by French manufacturer Europlac. All textures in this set have a resolution of 2390×3500 pixels.

Here is a chart of the available textures.

You can download the 270MB+ file here – Hardwood Flooring and Paneling by Europlanc

Check out the original post by Vyonyx and many other great things on their website!

Get the textures here…



  • dwaarf

    Now this is great! Thaks for posting 🙂

  • Nathan Burkes

    You guys know how hard it is to find suitable hardwood textures. Thanks a lot!

  • manu

    Thank you so much for these Vyonyx & Ronen!

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  • That’s a great find, Ronen.

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    • Hey B. Thanks & Thanks 🙂

      Having two Manu here was a little confusing… and big thanks to Vyonyx too!

      • manu

        Well, manu is short for manuel, a very common name in the spanish speaking world.

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        Greetings Ronen, and thanks again.

  • As usual very useful stuff. Thanks once again Ronen.

  • Arjun Placiente

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    Or take a picture of the real thing http://www.cambridgefloors.com/

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    I can’t download the file

    •  @AlejandroSoto I can’t either. .  . any luck?

  • hnan_to

    Hi Ronen, I have got same problem asi I had with 10 Free 2D Cutout people. After I tweet the link, nothing happens. Can you help me once more?

  • JordanJohnson2

    Seems like you’ve compiled a pretty good description of the possibilities available in hardwood flooring. My wife and I have been considering making the switch for quite some time. Now we’ve got another plethora of questions when it comes to deciding on texture.  http://www.floorsadelaide.com.au

  • adamrostom

    Why are the files locked 🙁

  • tedsmith575

    Wow, I didn’t know that there were so many textures for hardwood flooring. I would think you would have to see it in person to see the full effect of the texture though. You can’t see the full effect on a computer. Where can I go to see the differences between all these textures? I would really appreciate any tips or suggestions.