More wine related inspiration for The Vineyard challengers today. Located in Valle de Guadalupe, Mexico’s Wine Country, Baja California, a set of twenty independent rooms of twenty square meters each are nestled in the landscape as part of the Endémico Resguardo Silvestre project. Operated by Grupo Habita, a Design Hotels member, it includes a winery and a residential area as well. Very much open world style, and inline with the challenge programmatic brief!

You can see the site plan and section of a single unit below.

Architecture by Gracia Studio.
Photography by Luís García.

The vines and the project’s main structure.

And the rest of the set…

Put this inspiration into play in The Vineyard Challenge

the vineyard main logo

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  1. Antonio Ceseña
    Antonio Ceseña says:

    Beautiful images of Encuentro Guadalupe (formerly Endemico) I had the oportunity to work on that project.

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