Winner Announced: Viz-People Giveaway

The third birthday giveaway is here! VizPeople will give one of you lucky followers the collection of your choice out of their available collections. You will also have the chance to win one more by sending a post-worked image (render or real photo) you made using one or more of their freely or commercially available people cut-outs.

First Part Winner Announced

Congratulations to Teodora Cirjan

You are the lucky winner of a brand new VizPeople Collection of your choice 🙂 Probably Casual V2, right?

All of you still have a running chance in the second part of this giveaway. Sending in your renders showcasing VizPeople items until September 12. The best image will award the winner with a selection of a collection he likes.

About VizPeople

VizPeople is a provider of high quality people photos for architectural visualizations and other graphic design works. Their stock photo collections come with precise alpha maps and ambient shadows that allows precise composition in graphic project. On their website you will also find some attractive free stuff and tutorials.

I started to personally use VizPeople not long ago and also distribute their content via Polytown. They have some of the best collections out there for architectural visualization and I know of several new collections that are currently in the works that will be a great addition to their catalog. Here are their main collections…

VizPeople Casual v2

[slideshare id=8836816&doc=casualv2catalog-110812084810-phpapp02&type=d]

You can get VizPeople Casual v2 here.

VizPeople Business v2

[slideshare id=8836781&doc=businessv2catalog-110812084323-phpapp02&type=d]

You can get VizPeople Business v2 here.

VizPeople Nightlife v2

[slideshare id=8836749&doc=nightlifev2catalog-110812084000-phpapp01&type=d]

You can get VizPeople Nightlife v2 here.

You can also get them all in a bundle offering here.

How to Enter

All you need to do to enter is:

  1. Follow me on Twitter and/or Facebook by liking it 😉
  2. Post a comment below, using the post to twitter or Facebook check-boxes, telling which of the collections, or even single people, you like best!

Here is an image preview to show were you should check these options while commenting further below, at the end of this post 😉

The first part of this giveaway closes in exactly 72 hours, right after the weekend, and a winner will be randomly selected shortly afterwards. This post will be updated with the winner information and VizPeople we’ll get in touch with you.

The second part of sending your post-worked images showcasing one or more of the VizPeople freely or commercially available people will end on September 12. Please use the following form to send your images. Try to put in as many people as you can to your image.

Free VizPeople Samples

A big thanks to VizPeople, for sponsoring this giveaway. Good luck, and be sure to follow this blog or subscribe so that you can find out if you’re a winner!

  • mesraem

    wow another great stuff! i like the casual & business collection.

  • @mesraem Thanks… I forgot to add the free samples so you can use them for the images you make – it should show up in a few seconds under the submit form.

    Good Luck and have a great weekend you all 😉

  • 3d_Nick

    The vizPeople collection are really impressive. Especially like the casual people collection

  • TeodoraCirjan

    great collections! I like the VizPeople casual v2!

  • vojislav_arh

    VizPeople Casual v2

  • Thank you again Ronen!!

    I really like the VizPeople casual v2

  • Vojislav Nikolic

    VizPeople Casual v2

  • ZahirOuld-hocine

    I like VizPeople Business v2.

  • Lorenzo Verdi

    VizPeople casual 2

  • mesraem

    @ronenbekerman great! thanks a lot.

  • rwcmoors

    Amazing collection loving the casual

  • tatodella

    Casual v2 is the best!

  • Denis De Backer

    Vizpeople Business v2

  • Gbadamosi Samuel Oluwatofarati

    VizPeople casual v2

  • Michal Nohejl

    VizPeople casual v2 THX

  • Arnold Sher

    VizPeople casual v2 THank u

  • toktam_arch

    love Viz-People Business v2. Thank you !!!

  • Andri Tejanto

    nightlive v2 😀 party time!!

  • Teófilo Raposo

    Top quality stuff. I like VizPeople casual v2

  • Mmtra Visualization

    Great quality cut out people. We like VizPeople Casual V2

  • ChengChunMin

    i like VizPeople casual v2!

  • legolasarq

    I love casual v2

  • TomislavMucic

    casualV2, thanks!

  • Julien Stiévenard

    Vizpeople Business v2 🙂 Thanks again !

  • BjörnRadler

    I personally like Viz People Casual v2 the most as they are very flexible

  • kodissimo

    Vizpeople Business v2

  • Julian Helfricht

    VizPeople Casual v2 – cause these I would use the most. (:

  • MarcusIfland

    I like the Viz People V2 the most. Thanks Ronen!

  • leel0u

    wow viz night people v2 it’s too glam!

  • Mattijs de Bruin

    I think I would have to go for the Vizpeople Business v2. thnx !

  • Andreas Render Weirer

    VizPeople Casual v2 – like very much

  • pappata

    VizPeople Casual v2 is very nice !

  • JustinTraylor

    VizPeople Casual v2 looks very useful for me.

  • @TeodoraCirjan Congratulations Teodora – You are the lucky winner of the first stage of this Giveaway 😉 Best of luck to all the others in stage two! Start posting your images using the form above.

  • So, @TeodoraCirjan Won the first stage and vizpeople will award her the collection of her choice. For all the rest of you – Start sending your images with people in them… Stage two is open.

  • TeodoraCirjan

    @ronenbekerman Thank you! How can I get my prize? 🙂

  • @TeodoraCirjan send me your email 😉

  • TeodoraCirjan

    @ronenbekerman [email protected]

  • RomboutVersluijs

    So only people who already have some peeps can join this contest, or can we join as well by using the samples? it’s not clear to me 🙂

  • RomboutVersluijs

    Okay nice! great images with great lighting!

  • RomboutVersluijs

    VizPeople NightLife V2

    Okay nice! great images with great lighting! very useable

  • @RomboutVersluijs You can join using the samples, sure!

  • Hey all, not to long until the 2nd stage on this one ends – be quick and add images you made with VizPeople 😉

    Check out the latest blog post spotlight by Jakub Gramczynski, were he showcased how to add entourage in 2 videos –

  • Hey all, The 2nd stage of this one is getting near – do upload your images a soon as you can to be considered for the award 😉

  • AhmedNabil

    nice collection

  • Mihailmihail

    Very Nice!