Chillout Sessions / Miniature Architectural Dioramas

Australian creative agency Collider created this super cool concept for the Ministry of Sound album artwork of Chillout Sessions XII. It is a homage to Frank Lloyd Wright, Richard Neutra and the lifestyles their buildings accommodated, Chillout Sessions XII takes you to a fusion of time periods somewhere between the 50’s and the 80’s in the filtered light of California. This miniature diorama features the artists from the compilation in house chilling out. Great idea and lovely execution!

I think this is the first time I see and architectural animatic based on a scale model, and it has a great feel to it that fits the 50’s to 80’s theme very well. Would love to see more of these – seems like a great way to explore and showcase a design if you already built are plan to build a scale model.

Collider did some amazing work here!

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