TMRW2020 Challenge 27 Finalists

I’m very proud to present the stories and images created by the 27 finalists of “The challenge of Tomorrow”. I enjoyed this event very much, as it tackled a theme that is much more complex and vast than the usual daily tasks we deal with. The entries are in the process of review and news about the winners will be posted soon!

I’ll remind you that the challenger’s mission was :

to design and visualize the architecture of tomorrow within the context of the Hudson Yards location in NYC. You can use any software you like to create your entry for this Challenge and enter any category you want. Tomorrow offers you lots of freedom in terms of your concept. I’m not providing you with a specific model as I did in past challenges, but there is a context massing model you can use to get started. Don’t panic! There are no wrong answers to this one. Your design will showcase the architecture of tomorrow, but try to avoid the obvious far into the future Sci-Fi treatment. It is 2020, so let’s add it up 20+20=40 and show us what will Hudson Yards offers us in 2040.

Read all about it on “The challenge of Tomorrow” Website.

Below is the gallery of the entries’ main images in no particular order. with links below to jump into each entry for further review.

The Entries

Vittorio Bonapace Ordinary Beauty
Maciek Józefiak HIVE
Bohdan Polishchuk Reinterpretation of The Western Yards
Fairuz Hod Hudson Yard O2 Park
Jakub Sobiczewski Hudson Yards West
Jakub Sokolski Atlantis 2040
Pavol Cickan Final – Sunken city
Duy Phan In between the GAP
Dario Castro New Stories
Nate M 2040: The Lessons We Have Learned
Denis Khotin Final Entry. Dawn at the Hudson Yards
Mohamed Mahfouz Final Entry #Architecture dilemma between Investment and life qualities
Artem Bobrov HUYA (final entry)
Krzysztof Woleński Hudson Yards Transit Center
Tony Hin Chun Lai Final Entry – Hudson Gate
Roman Huzar #Final The Day After Tomorrow
Sergio David The current future
Amer Farah M-15
Daryl Tebug Green Living
Rafał Stachowicz the Frame
Shubham Sharma The Unfolding by Shubham Sharma
Nenad Nacevic Final Entry – Seven Chapters Of The Day
Stefan Dimitrov Meliora
James Macdonald Brolly
Francesco Loro rising sea-ty
Fayad Shahim NEW YARDS 2040

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