The ways people move define space. The way modern cities look is mainly due to how a person should get from one place to another. The spacing between buildings is related to the width of the streets, and those of the railways to the width of the vehicles and their quantity. What will the city look like when people start moving in three and not as it is in two dimensions so far? How are buildings changed so that the use of the new mode of transport is fully utilized?

The work that I would like to present is a loose variation on this subject, but not as futuristic as it was 20 years ago. Today such vehicles are already being tested. What used to be the domain of wall fiction movies today is at your fingertips.

There also seems to be no better city than New York, bristling with skyscrapers to show how such a city could look like in 20 years or maybe how much the perspective of his perception will change because it will change for sure.

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