Venice Lifestyle Center by State of Art Studio

I first learned about State of Art Studio after their Maison Hermès, RPBW post on the forums and the following Making of Maison Hermes tutorial. They have a very unique & vivid style I like very much and a work process shifted strongly towards doing things in post. Their latest entires on the forums showcase this aspect in all it’s glory! You have to check this out if you haven’t yet.

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Creating VRay for SketchUP Vermont Verde Antique Marble Material

ASGVIS 3D Artist and Trainer, Fernando Rentas, created the Vermont Verde Antique material in V-Ray for SketchUP Using basic material creation techniques as explained in the featured video tutorial “Creating Vermont Verde Antique”. Fernando was able to match the rich green color and unique light green and white veins by looking at a small sample of the marble. Check out the video below, it is very informative and the result is remarkably good.

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Making of Nightfall by Jesus Oscar Salmeron Lopez

Jesús Oscar Salmerón López has recently posted an article over at CGarena describing the process of creating his scene ‘Nightfall’. I recommend you all to check it out… enjoy!

…this image was created for the contest ‘Lightrender on Tour’ and won the second prize. I used 3ds max with VRay rendering engine. This project is based on the work of Spanish architect D. Joaquín Torres A Study of Architecture A-zero.

Jesús Oscar Salmerón López