Creating VRay for SketchUP Vermont Verde Antique Marble Material

ASGVIS 3D Artist and Trainer, Fernando Rentas, created the Vermont Verde Antique material in V-Ray for SketchUP Using basic material creation techniques as explained in the featured video tutorial “Creating Vermont Verde Antique”. Fernando was able to match the rich green color and unique light green and white veins by looking at a small sample of the marble. Check out the video below, it is very informative and the result is remarkably good.

You can also download most of the materials used in that scene form the ASGVIS website download area.

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  1. Hussein
    Hussein says:

    i had been using sketch up before getting into 3dsmax and i never reach to this real quality in sketch up fantastic rendering i should go back and give it a try …. thanks for sharing this fantastic tutorials

  2. Pit
    Pit says:

    I am using Sketchup as wide as possible, but i had never render inside it! I was rendering in 3ds Max but is much more quicker to render with Sketchup, that’s great!

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