Forest Fly Over, Part 2

Part 2 of the 3 parts in depth tutorial series – “Forest Fly Over”, In this part, Javier Pintor will guide you through the process of creating a the 3d studio max forest scene. Modeling the terrain, scattering the trees on top of it and rendering out the frames to later be composited using After Effects.

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Forest Fly Over, Part 1

I’m happy to bring you the first of the Tutorial+ article series – “Forest Fly Over”. The ‘Plus’ represents the start of the premium tutorials tier on this blog, something I had planned for and got a serious boost with requests submitted by all of you in the latest blog survey. In this, 3 parts in depth tutorial series, Javier Pintor will guide you through the process of creating a forest fly over animation (one that is rather common in many films) using 3d studio max & After Effects as the main tools. Part one, however, covers the creation of the tree cutout images and background sky from original photography material.

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Shell / ARTechnic architects

The year 2007 ended with Alex Roman showcasing his ‘Forest Refuge’ house renders, and since then we have been overloaded with these types of renders. Some good, some bad and some truly remarkable. It got to a point were a debate started about “who would ever build a house like that in a forest” and a general feel of boredom from it started to emerged… well, I know these houses are being built and reality surpasses any render I’ve seen in the form of the Shell house by ARTechnic architects. It is probably the best example for it that I’ve seen to date! And guess what? someone just recreated it in 3d too!

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