SketchUP & VRay from Start to Finish by Omar Estevez

Omar Estevez wanted to help new V-Ray for SketchUP users to learn some basic V-Ray skills, so he created a series of tutorials that explain the complete rendering process from start to finish. The videos are divided into three major categories, Illumination, Materials, and Post Production, with ten videos total. Enjoy!

This is the link to the original post over at ASGVIS website… but you have all videos embedded here too and the scene & materials download link below the videos.




Post Production

Omar also shared his V-Ray materials and V-Ray for SketchUP practice scene file with you all to download for free. They’re all available in the DOWNLOADS section of ASGVIS website.

Download these materials and scene file now!

  • Frika

    Hats off!
    Thank you very much!
    Best Regards

  • omega

    thanks so much

  • Frankie wilde

    Hi Omar very nices videos, and its nice to see you here

  • Mohammad Rashad

    Thank you for the Great Tutorials it really helped me a lot

  • Juanjo Vargas

    that’s just what i was looking for, thanks you so much!

  • thanks Umar is very nice tutorials

  • Marcos benedete

    Thx for share this knowledge!

  • forever2nd1

    Hi, Thank you so much Omar Estevez!

  • Jericho

    thanks sir, I really appreciate your efforts tutoring us..

  • David

    Hello… I rendered with the the file you provided and changed the settings like you said in the first part, but I get a black screen. Can anyone help?


  • berbay

    hello, first of all i love your site. 🙂 secondly, i am having a problem to download the scene, the link you provided is not accessible due to site maintanence. if you can suggest me some other place to download this scene that would be so great!!

  • GustavoChagas


    Hello, excellent tutorial, someone could provide another way to download scene?, you can not download the Chaos Group … thanks

  • GustavoChagas

    Hello, excellent tutorial, someone could provide another way to download scene?, you can not download the Chaos Group …


  • is the sceene, i do not have the original maps and vismats anymore, but most of them were just reflective layers. About the hdri, i explain in the videos where to download them from.The same for the textures.

    Great site by the way ;)have a terrific day.

  • MikiMile

    arqestevezHi Omar,
    could you please upload the scene again, please?

  • MikiMile

    I have contacted MediaFire service and they provided me with a link to Omar’s .skp file. Enjoy

  • suganyasidds

    MikiMile thanks for the model link

  • Rubber Duck

    Yes this is great training and I’m sure I will learn from it. But I don’t think
    he understands what it’s like being a beginner. For example he just 
    casually says to control the shadows with SketchUp, but if you click
    on Shadows in the Window drop-down, you will find many many
    settings with no idea how to do anything with shadows. And no matter
    what you do in that shadows dialog, nothing changes with the Vray
    rendering, THAT is still overexposed with the same shadows. My point
    is, he is assuming we already know a lot of things. And without knowing
    those things that he assumes we already know, we can’t move on to the
    next operation.

  • RohanGandhi

    MikiMile can u provide original skp file??
    without editing

  • This is great, have learnt some new things!
    But, where is the defininitive tuorial about Vray render settings for exterior and interior scenes in SU (along the same lines as GWMasterVray), and creating/importing vegatation models and creating materials for them as well??