Free Exterior Daybed 3d Model by Benjamin Brosdau

Those of you on the ‘Free Friday’ mailing list already got one of Benjamin’s 3d models, but he was very kind to share one more and this time with all of you. many thanks to Benjamin and congratulations also for winning 2nd place in the Rendering Revolution Contest… Using iRay this time.

Enjoy this model, tweet it, digg it, share it around! and make sure you read his making-of article and interview.

Download Daybed 3d model (3dsmax2009+obj) | mirror

Benjamin has many more cool items on his TurboSquid page 😉

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  1. Frika
    Frika says:

    Thanks for sharing. Another thing that I’m curious about is how did you modelling the wickerwork
    Best regards

  2. Tora_2097
    Tora_2097 says:

    No problem Frika,
    After I build the shape for the lower (to be wicker) part from a plane that has been polymodeled using standard tools like extrude and plain vertex shifting, I applied a tesselate modifier (3dsmax jargon) to not end up with quads any longer but with triangles. Since not all polygons had the same size beforehand, you end with a roughly randomized triangulated mesh.
    I detached all edges as splines from this mesh and used a sweep modifier on top of it (a lattice modifier would have been possible too).
    Quite a cheap technique actually, as the wicker is not really moving above and below each other but are instead intersecting. 😉

    @ Tom: thanks, the RRC entry was really rushed in a few days, gladly it went well in the end!

  3. Yamatosin
    Yamatosin says:

    @Tora_2097  Hi ! I‘m very like your modle,but i can’t download in my country,so,I am really really thanks if you can send it to me~~~~ Best regards~  my mail:

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